WARNING to anyone who feeds their pets PURINA pet food. Maggots have been found in the dog food and the cat food. It has been making animals sick and even killing some but Purina is refusing to recall their products. I found tonight (1/28/13) that MY bag of Purina One pet food for my cat has an infestation of maggots in it. Please check your pets food if you buy Purina. I’m returning my bag and switching brands. Not a happy pet owner right now.

You can tell if there are maggots because there will be thin webbing, and actual maggots. There was webbing and maggots in mine.
Please share this with other pet owners and save their pets.

Here is a link to a website someone shared with me that shows people who have experienced the same thing: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/ralston.html

Update: I have been told they are not actually maggots but moth larvae. Still gross in my opinion. Also the bag had been opened 2 days before I discovered the larva and I keep it clothes-pinned shut so I don’t believe they got there after it was opened.